Eclipse Kundalini: Healing Ring of Tantra

By nicole (other events)

Saturday, July 28 2018 1:30 PM 3:30 PM

“Individual consciousness refines you. Group consciousness expands you.” -Yogi Bhajan

Experience the healing power of group energy. You’ve felt it in Kundalini classes before — the palpable group energy that builds and builds until you feel like you’re flying. You find yourself doing poses and meditation that you never thought you could. That’s the power of group consciousness!

In this special workshop, we’ll be warming up the body through asana first, then practicing the Healing Ring of Tantra Kriya. This is a powerful group meditation experience that amplifies exponentially each individual’s efforts. The result is a forcefield of woven kundalini energy that can be directed towards healing on every level imaginable. You may channel this energy towards others, towards the world, or towards yourself. One this is sure, you cannot attend and not receive a deep level healing yourself.

This is a special practice to be done only on the full moons, new moons, and 11th day of the moon. We will be practicing around the time of the powerful eclipse. This will amplify our efforts, especially in the realms of creativity, expression, belonging, self-image, and all things Leo/Aquarius related! More information about this eclipse given during the class.

Come with something specific you’d like to heal or just come ready to receive whatever healing you need!